Rob Davie

Director at rogenSi

Russell and I have worked on a number of projects spanning 15 years. Russell is a pragmatic, results oriented leader. He is highly innovative and an exceptional people leader. He exudes a quiet, confident and consistent style. He loves to take on challenges, engage and excite his team and then execute relentlessly. In my experience with Russell, he has always over-delivered on the promise. I have seen this pattern in every one of his leadership roles within Compaq and HP. 
I continue to thoroughly enjoy our association and look forward to the next 15 years

Nicole Cameron
CEO- Career Chemistry

Russell is one of the most effective leaders I have had the privilege to work with. He has a strong strategic focus, sharp commercial skills, and is able to drive highly successful business outcomes. He does this while instilling solid sales and management discipline, inspiring the team to excel, and is across all business detail. It is rare skill to design a compelling commercial strategy and execute it with precision, delivering outstanding outcomes. Russell is excellent with customers and staff, and I hope to get the opportunity to work with him again in the future

Michael Trumble
Sales Manager at Hewlett-Packard

I strongly recommend Russell based on personal experience over the last few years. Russell is astute, experienced, disciplined - and has a strong ability to impart knowledge to those keen to learn. 20 years as a Sales Director (and Business Leader) has given Russell the knowledge to sort the wheat from the chaff - to focus on the necessary - not the excess. Russell personally sharpened me up as a Sales Manager - in terms of sales process discipline, pipeline governance and business logic. I highly recommend

Vanessa Savic
Business Solutions Specialist at Telstra Business Centre

Not often does the opportunity come along to report to a manager like Russell, not only was he a great people manager driving a sales team, he was a great coach and mentor. I had the pleasure of working for Russell for a number of years at Compaq and then HP. Throughout this journey & amidst many changes Russell continued to drive a collaborative culture with an open mind & open door! 
Russell was unlike any manager I’ve worked for before and made a dramatic difference to the value, productivity and success of our team. Always taking a consultative approach to the sales motion, Russell earned the respect of many business partners and customers by delivering real value in line with key business drivers. 
As a leader or consultant Russell is a standout.

Jamie Smith
CEO at Transmax Pty Ltd
Kent Williams
Managing Director / Owner, entoure

Russell Shooter was Chairman of the Entoure Board and has been a keen supporter of charity bike rides for over a decade. Entoure is an Organisation with a shared passion for kids, sport and life and Russell has participated in all of the entoure events (both in NSW and QLD) and through his relationship with HP, been a very keen sponsor. For more information about entoure go to www.entoure.com.au

Chris White
Executive Director at 888X

I first contracted Russell for a project with Rubicor to build out their Sales and Marketing strategies and approach to market. At the time Rubicor was in a business transformation stage, and Russell was tasked with bringing together 6 different divisions into a coordinated sales effort to offer the portfolio of services to Rubicor’s largest accounts. 

Russell was also intimately involved in the Rubicor re-branding project along with overseeing the launch of their re-branded, and consolidated, website.  

Following Russell’s great work at Rubicor, I asked him to managed a couple of strategic projects at Davidson Group; Russell quickly re-organised the Marketing Group into a functional Shared Services Model, ran their Brand Re-fresh project, is currently overseeing their transition to a new Web platform, as well as working on creating a number of strategic sales programs. 

Russell has a strong understanding of the Sales and Marketing disciplines for both traditional and Digital Go-To-Markets models, and approaches things from a very customer centric position. Russell demonstrates strong leadership and is focused, driven, and energetic; he's clear in his thinking and is an excellent communicator. 

It was a pleasure working with Russell and I would highly recommended him to any prospective business.

I first met Russell in my capacity as CEO of Transmax when I contracted him to assume a critical senior executive leadership and management role to transform the company’s sales and business development function. 

From Day #1 Russell, rapidly absorbed the essential core elements of the business – our product and service offerings, customers and opportunities for significant improvement to business process effectiveness and efficiency. His many year experience in the ICT industry across hardware, platforms and managed services dealing with large enterprise and corporate customers allowed him to bring contemporary ideas about technology and solutions delivery as well as sales management practices, procedures and systems to Transmax.

Russell understands the importance of data, analysis and truth in business information and brings much experience in the area of sales pipeline analysis and reporting to the business that we were sorely lacking.

Russell is honest and not afraid to speak his mind on a range of business matters that need to be tabled, especially if it is obvious that customer satisfaction is being negatively impacted or that the effectiveness of the business is at risk. Russell understands how to lead and manage a business across all key functional areas – HR, Risk, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations – consulting, software and system solutions development, support – and Board reporting and Strategy. 

Once Russell had found his feet in the first few weeks, I felt immensely confident as CEO that I did not need to spend any more of my time dealing with the sales function or driving business process improvement outcomes because this task was in highly capable hands. In the relatively short time I’ve had to work with and get to know Russell (around 5 months), I have formed the opinion that I’d hire him again in an instant.