Since our inception, Shooter Consulting
has been totally focused on building a business dedicated to delivering Customer Acquisition strategies, including quality Sales, Marketing, and Business Development initiatives.

Our skills have been developed and sharpened over the past 30 years' with our people coming from strong leadership positions from within the IT&T Products, Software, Services and Recruitment Industries. We're focused on driving results, through dynamic and creative business programs and have a strong track record with strategic development initiatives, execution and operational management that drives real effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We have the ability to operate at a strategic or tactical level and are able to connect the two to drive and solicit employee engagement and performance outcome. 


We possess broad industry experience including; Technology, Software, Recruiting, Government (federal, state and local), Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Retail and Distribution; and have strong technology skills with particular focus on effective sales, marketing sales & marketing processes, operation and management. 

Russell Shooter Principal Consultant
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Russell has a strong pedigree as a senior executive in the IT&T Industry. He is a result driven, outcome focused, dynamic and creative leader with a proven track record.  With an eye for detail and a passion for employee engagement, he has broad experience in all aspects of business - from strategic development to execution and operational management. This includes an ability to drive effectiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in equal measure. He can inspire action and possesses broad industry experience. Russell has strong skills in strategy development and execution; and is reliable, confident, and delivers results and will add value to any business challenge.